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Alicia Kwon

Alicia Kwon

Alicia Kwon is a parenting alchemist, with experience in special needs, old souls and typical kids. She is the mother of three wonderful human beings and the wife of a wonderful physician. Her first book, Life of An Intern's Wife is available from Amazon.com. Alicia has coached executives, visionary entrepreneurs and TV personalities. She has developed curriculums for youth at TD Jake's church and for Cooper Hospital's at risk moms. Her newest book, Raising (Awesome) Humans is due out in February 2020. Stay tuned!

Social proof: testimonials

From a physician and mother...

“Working with Alicia as a coach has been a wonderful journey. I came seeking help staying organized and focused as a mother of two, wife and full time medical student. Having just one hour a week to fully focus on my process with a coach/partner who is so fully present and a gifted listener has allowed so much more to unfold than I ever imagined. Not only am I more organized and no longer overwhelmed by my life's challenges, but have embarked on a journey to reclaim my connection to joy and wonder. Alicia has a gift for listening with such presence that she is able to understand and reflect back to you what your inner guide has to offer in a way you can hear it and change for the better.” ~ Sarah Racsa, MD

From a CEO and boat lover

“Alicia has been such a powerful force in my life guiding me through the process of discovering how to tap the tools we all have available to use immediately. Tools including discovering or rediscovering; Your intuition and trusting it so that you can act on it at will. The ability to recognize and take action on what is truly important in your life. Tracking your actions and recognizing your successes in your heart and mind. Alicia helped me in all of these areas through her unique ability to see the things in me that I was unable to see or recognize on my own and through her special skills guide me in the process of discovery and successfully changing my life into one I knew was available but was unable to achieve on my own.” She has changed my life in so many ways that it is difficult to get it all down in writing.” ~ Scott Napier - CEO, VerticalEmail.com, Inc VerticalEmail.com

From a television personality and parentng expert

“Every bold move, every change of heart, or paradigm shift takes courage. And courage is...a leap. Alicia Kwon knows the leap, and, inside that gap between knowing and leaping, she found her gift. There may be countless coaches in today's age of distraction, promising to loosen your stuckness, connect your dots and help you live your dreams. Alicia doesn't leap that way. Instead, she lights a pathway to your own answers through a transcendent gift of listening and the insight of essential, heart-full questions that come at the "right" moment, with a focus and intention that combines her wonder and her wisdom in the same instance. I leap with Alicia!” ~ Lu Hanessian, author of acclaimed book "Let the Baby Drive" (2004) and "Driving Lessons" (2009),former NBC anchor and host of Make Room for Baby on Discovery Health Channel, syndicated parenting columnist, BCI certified parent educator, and founder of WYSH Wear Your Spirit for Humanity. www.letthebabydrive.com and www.wearyourspirit.com

From a healer

I came to Alicia recently, in need of some guidance and clarity within in my life in regards to my life purpose. She was able to guide me in such a way, that no other has. She held space for me in such a loving and compassionate way that I felt very safe. She assisted me in really finding the true reasons why I was not moving along, and not seeing my true power fully. With her guidance, I had some breakthrough realizations that I was not expecting, that truly allowed me to release some old pain, patterns, and thoughts that were not serving me. After our session I felt lighter, and relieved to have come to these realizations, helping me to move one step closer to who I really am, and what I came here to do. Within the first week of my energy shifting within me, I was able to attract a job opportunity that was in total alignment with my heart, something I had been struggling with previously. With my new realizations and healing that took place within me because of her assistance, I have a new found place within my heart, a place of being more authentic with my true self, and of how I desire to assist others. I no longer want to do anything less than what rings true for me, and I will no longer allow the lies of others to rule my sense of self worth. This is a new time of self awareness, and of being authentic to myself and my true desires. Thank you Alicia for holding space for me, and for assisting me in these realizations that were very powerful. I know you will continue to enrich the lives in those hearts you touch. Love, Angel Asor